Hostellerie des Gorges de Pennafort-Var


Facing the rose-colored wall of the Gorges de Pennafort in the village of Callas, this 4-star property offers a magnificent destination for relaxation, but the ultimate draw is the warm welcome,  Michelin-starred cuisine, and relentless charm of Chef Philippe DaSilva and his staff. 


The rooms are modern, yet warm with large, marble bathrooms. After a welcome coupe de champagne we were escorted to our room.



I was ready to eat, and we did, magnificently,escorted by Julie to the terrace dining room.


Once seated Odile, our sommelliere, suggested more champagne and opened a bottle of non-vintage Bollinger. She was quickly followed by Julie with the first of a series of amuse-bouches and entrées–it seemed that every time I turned my head she was at my side!

Just to tickle our taste buds we were served creamy cepes and a rectangle of foie gras topped with cherries. 


Now it was time for serious eating, beginning with icy green and yellow tomatoes, red onion and yellow sqaush and basil sorbet–a true palate cleanser.


Our next treat was beet carpaccio, wasabi and avocado sorbet.

Odile refilled our champagne flutes and Julie arrived with Langoustine carpaccio, mango and a topping of caviar-need I say that it was marvelous?


A touch of Italy featured raviloi stuffed with foie gras and blanketed with shaved trufffles and reggio parmesana with a drizzle of the local Callas olive oil.


A gorgeous filet of Saint Pierre with octopus, black olives and parsley was our next gastronomic goodie.


Lobster salad, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, shaved truffles and the delicious local olive oil capped the dishes leading up to the main course.


A granité of lime and cranberry sorbet prepared our palates for the meat courses and Odile arrived with a bottle of the special red created to celebrate Chef Da Silva's 20th anniversary at Gorges des Pennafort.


M veered off menu for a filet of lamb in its juices and I loved the pigeon with stuffed zucchini flowers.



 Dessert, of course, was the marachino cherry atop a leisurely, amiably served repast that I urge everyone to try.

And, I'll let you on a little secret–Chef DaSilva sources all of his fruit and vegetables from local sources, and never saves anything for the next day, so he will always serve you surpise dishes.





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