Les Iles Chausey

 Our next day was highlighted by a ferry ride to Ile Chausey, the largest in the 52 island archipelago that once furnished granite for Paris sidewalks and Mont Saint Michel.


chy phare

To assist me in the invasion I recruited forty, fourth graders, who were on a class outing. Led by Noe at my immediate left and the Brigiite Fossey look alike (Jeux Interdits) Louann, they provided immeasureable joy to the day.

the gang


Lunch found us at the Hotel du Fort et des Iles,

Façade hotel 2

savoring lobster, shrimp and bulots for 22.90 euros plus a carafe of Muscadet.


Another family operation, it has been in the family since 1928 as this photo of the owner's great-grandfather affirms. 

great grandpa

Eight rooms are available in season from 90 euros with a bayview at 120 euros. In winter the island population dips to four residents.

We concluded our day in the garden of the hotel's Le Bar de la Sirene with friends we had made on the ride over.

.view sirene


As we disemebarked back in Granville I was high-fived by my gang.



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