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I invite you to join me for a Paris walking tour au flaneur as we wend our way from one side of Seine beginning with a discussion of the importance of the café in Parisian life and the luminaries like Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus, Juliette Greco and Miles Davis who filled them, to the other, pausing to enjoy the obvious (the Louvre) and the slightly hidden (passage Vivienne.)



I have combined the Classic Flaneur tour with the Marais Flaneur to offer a full day of exploring Paris and her history.
I invite you to join me for a Paris walking tour au flaneur as we wend our way from one side of Seine beginning with a discussion of the importance of the café in Parisian life and the luminaries like Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus, Juliette Greco and Miles Davis who filled them, to the other, pausing to enjoy the obvious (the Louvre) and the slightly hidden (passage Vivienne.) 

After a bistro lunch we will continue towards Place des Vosges and the Marais,  the historic Jewish Quarter and the vestiges of the Nazi Occupation .They are still here but the expanding Greater Marais now includes the Marché de Richard-Lenoir at the Bastille, the shops along the Boulevard Beaumarchais, the rue Bretagne, the Musée de Carnavalet and the falafel flavors of the rue des Rosiers.

He’s known as your American friend in Paris but he’s better than that; a New Yorker who has been reborn in France as smoothly as he sings the nightclub classics. You could not have a more breezily entertaining guide.

-Martin Walker, The Bruno, Chief of Police series

Price:1-2 persons 500 euros

Price: 3-4 persons 750 euros

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The Michigan Mob

Our day with Terrance was a highlight of our fabulous week in Paris. From the moment we met him at Les Deux Magots and he quickly broke into song, we knew we were in for a fun-filled day.

Because Terrance has so many friends in Paris, including: waiters, shopkeepers, and random people on the street, he made us feel like insiders. He took us down streets we never would have discovered without him, and shared pieces of history we hadn't heard about.  
From the delicious puff-pastry shop we happened upon, to the 19th-century shopping arcades, we experienced some of the delights of Paris that most tourists never discover.
Terrance's knowledge of all things Parisian is endless; he knows the history as well as interesting tidbits about the cafe culture.
Once our tour was over, Terrance let us know that he was available for the rest of our trip as a resource for restaurant recommendations, shopping, and questions. His suggestions were excellent, and the lunch we had on our tour was the best of the week.
I highly recommend the Paris Walking Tour au Flaneur, or any other tour that Terrance is offering.
Amy Kilbridge
East Lansing, Michigan

Ive been visiting Paris since 1948 and thought I knew it very well. It didn't take long for me to realize that I didn't know the back ways and alley ways. Terrance showed us an entirely new side of Paris. Terrence also introduced us to Parisians he's met over the years and kept us entertained through the day. I thought I knew Parisian food but Terrance introduced us to an amazing Chinese restaurant, Chex Vong. Thank you Terrance. Will see you again in April.

Phillip Kazan, Périgord



I wanted to thank you for your time while Jen and I visited Paris. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to making it back out there and getting more time seeing the city with Terrance.
Until then I will stay updated through the newsletter.
Take care,
I just want to say thank you again for just the loveliest day in Paris on Saturday - I will forever cherish that day! I had the best time getting to know you and getting to know Paris a bit better. I cannot wait to come back and see more. Thanks again and hope to see you in November!
All the best!
Margaret & Farah
SAM 2713Paula & Paul


Marie, Julie, Janis and Alain at Le Mesturet


Sydney, Mill Valley


Chelsea & Tom, Asheville, NC


Tony & Lee-Johnson City, 



The tour was awesome, merci. Gina & Sydney DeVito

We then spent a day with Terrance, walking Paris. It was the day after his birthday and he was, amazingly, still able to show a wonderful side of Paris. We saw where he was moving too and learned so much about the man himself. It was a delightful day and one we keep hoping to repeat sometime soon. Joyce Shor Johnson

The wise-cracking, entertaining Terrance Gelenter, a former New Yorker who’s a cross between a tour guide and a stand-up comic who looks and dresses the part of a Parisian was our guide in Paris. His tours are filled with lots of anecdotes about Paris life and he often interrupts his walks to say “bonjour” to the many French celebrities he knows and who frequent the Paris cafes of which the fast-talking American has become an expert.

“Paris’ café culture dates back to the 19th century and Hemingway popularized them with tourists in his writings,” Gelenter tells our small group outside the famous Café Les Deux Magots in the St. Germain des Pres area. “If you come into a café two days in a row, they’ll know your name and what you drink.

“A smile and a bonjour will get you a lot in a Paris café,” he tells us. Terrance has been known to regale his clients with a sampling of his favourite love songs – his rendition of Tony Bennett classics is most entertaining.

“I love my job because it allows me to show people the real Paris and not the one that’s been planned out for them in a guidebook,” says Terrance over a glass of wine in a classic French restaurant where everyone knows him – he even gets the owner/chef to take us to the room’s ancient wine cellar for a private viewing.

Try doing that without a guide. Marc Atchison, Travel Life Magazine


At Angelina's


Reed, Terrance & Poppy

We had a wonderful day touring with you today. Debra Laws



Jasper, Julie, Shelby, Brian–San Francisco

Greetings Terrance, You escorted my wife Gayle and I on the most memorable street tour in Paris of which we will never forget and talk of often. As you know better than any of us; once you go to Paris once you must go again. When we do we will walk again with you.
Best Regards, –Conley Roaseau, SF, CA

As longtime subscribers to the Paris Through Expatriate Eyes newsletter, The Paris Insider, we knew that the Paris au Flaneur program would be an illuminating way to prepare ourselves to discover and enjoy Paris on our own–we just didn’t know that it would be so entertaining.

Thank you very much, we certainly enjoyed sharing our day with you.  Lovely food and very much enjoyed the Marais area and we were so lucky with the weather.  We had a lovely evening strolling around the Marais in such pleasant conditions.  Also thank you for the photos you emailed

We would like to book the Astier for Harry’s birthday on Sunday 21st December at 7:00pm – or thereabouts.  Would you mind making a booking for us? 
Once again, we certainly enjoyed your tour.  Falafels for dinner tonight!
Leanne, Sydney AU

Our host Terrance Gelenter combines the journalist’s eye for detail and subtext and the film critic’s knowledge of cinematic Paris, accompanied by the saloon singer’s ability to sing a few bars of songs, in French and English, inspired by Paris –imagine that you are in one of Hollywood’s great musicals about Paris. – Philip Knowlton & Suzanne Fitzgerald

John & Paula, NYC
The Van Novak Twins-Walnut Creek, CA


Maddie & Heide 



Ramsey, Todd, Dennis, Tex, T

2 Guys from SF 

We so much enjoyed meeting you and seeing parts of Paris that we didn’t know existed. We learned a lot and began to share your enthusiasm for this amazing city. Le Mesturet was a treat for lunch and we never would have found ourselves in such an authentic and friendly setting without you.
The 69 bus took us almost to our doorstep.  Thanks for escorting us to the stop. We’re getting a sense of the city and tomorrow we’ll check out the Bateaux Parisiens and perhaps do their lunch  cruise.
Thanks so much for a wonderful introduction to Paris. When we again will be in Paris and France –which we hope will be soon –we’ll be sure to get in touch.–Bruce & Richard, SF



Victoria & Olga the Fabulous Finns



Deb & Ken, Shreveport, LA


From Southern New Zealand and near Carcassonne all roads lead to Paris and Terrance-Lyn, Selwyn, Gay and Vic pausing for lunch at Le Mesturet during a day of flanerie.



The adorable Maddie, Donna, John & Shirley at Le Mesturet as we take a break for flanerie.



Rob & Nicole from San Francisco at La Dernière Goutte tasting a white beaujolais.



 The Kupps party from San Jose with Jonathan at the Goutte. 

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