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Les Papilles

I had heard consistently good things about this Latin Quarter bistro and was delighted when my colleague, Alain Neyman, of invited me to join him for a leisurely lunch. I was a few minutes early and owner Bertrrand Bluy served me a Txapa, a rosé from the Pays-Basques with a cherry-like finish. When Alain arrived and ordered a white wine Bertrand delivered wafer-thin slices of a cured ham from the Pyrenées.

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Le Buisson Ardent

On a sunny and cold day  M, the BF (beau-fils) and I were seated at a table ronde by a window from where we could enjoy the beautiful murals that cover the soothingly soft green walls.  They date back to the original restaurant in 1925.

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Andreas Mavrommàtis arrived in Paris 30 years ago from Cyprus to study Psychology and thankfully got sidetracked into cooking. Today the Mavrommàtis banner flies over two restaurants in Paris, eight traiteurs and the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus.

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Robert et Louise

My friend and hostess for my San Francisco literary salons Virginia Reyna was in town. We met in the lobby of her Paris address, the Hotel Jeanne d’Arc in the Marais where she was holding her autographed copy of Alec Lobrano’s Hungry for Paris and after a quick consult we decided to walk to Robert et Louise on the rue Vielle du Temple.

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Café Louis Philippe

The Polish Countess had just joined me as a member of the Grandparents Club and I invited her for a celebratory drink. She chose one of her neighborhood haunts, the venerable Louis Philippe that has guarded the Pont Louis Philippe along the Quai de Hotel de Ville since 1810.

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Chez Marianne

André Jorno’s Tunisian mother opened the first Sephardic grocery on this rue de Rosiers location in the early 50’s when the Marais was still the predominantly Ashkenazi Jewish neighborhood it had been since the Middle Ages.

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Le Loir dans Le Théiere

It’s like stepping back into the 70s in Berkeley/ San Francisco-a fern bar without the ferns. A pastiche of posters paintings and tchochkas adorn the walls and seating can be best described as informal. Collapse into one of the oversized leather chairs if you can.

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Don Giovanni

The opening night program at the recent opening of FILMING THE CAMPS at Paris’ Memorial to Le Shoah showcased the American filmmakers John FORD, George STEVENS and Sam FULLER. They arrived in the concentration camps with American troops and recorded the unimaginable so that in Eisenhower’s words: “100 years from know some son of a bitch won’t be able to claim this never happened.”

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