Bistros & Restos 1st to 5th Arr.

The Terrace at the Hotel Warwick-Paris


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La Marée Jeanne-2nd arrondissement

Frederic Hubig, the Earl of Restauration in the Eleventh (Astier, Jeanne A & Sassotondo), has done it again with this instant hit, La Marée Jeanne.

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Auberge Nicolas Flamel -3rd Arrondissement

The Prince of Palm Beach had become a regular at my Sunday Salon at the Café de Flore and insisted on treating me to lunch before he said adieu Paris. His choice was the Auberge Nicolas Flamel, housed in a building constructed in 1407. For me, the most important element in a restaurant experience is the warmth of the welcome.Jérome guided us to our seat and welcomed Jeffrey back although he had eaten here only once.

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Bagels, Burgers & Blood Marys at Joe Allen

Don’t get me wrong. I love Paris but there are three things that the French know nothing about: Bagels,Burgers & Bloody Marys and you can get them all at the Paris outpost of JOE ALLEN,the famed Manhattan theater district saloon. On the edge of Les Halles it arrived almost simultaneously with the destruction of that culinary icon. I had my first burger there in 1976.

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Le Dome du Marais

On the site of a giant “pawnshop” authorized by Louis XVI in 1777 a magnificent dining room emerged under the glass dome in what had been the auction room. This was not the traditional pawnshop with the three hanging balls that we know from film noir. Living on reputation, somewhat like a fallen aristocrat, Dome has been recently taken over by the young restaurateur Cyril Munier who installed the Norman chef Christian LeClere and the results are splendide.

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Les Pipos-5th Arrondissement

The International Postmen’s convention was in session at Les Pipos. On hand were Pierre, mon facteur,John Chaney, my old postman back in California and his wife Susanne.

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Chez Georges-2nd Arrondissement

One senses that time has stood still when entering Chez Georges, a classic Paris bistro since 1964. Waitresses in black dresses with white aprons, crunchy radishes served with butter and salt as you are seated and handwritten menus. All of the classic dishes are served: marinated herring, paté de compagne, celéri remoulade and of course, entrecote, cote de boeuf, grilled sole, salmon in sorrel sauce to name but a few.

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Bistro Valois-1st Arrondissement

Set on the site of the stables of Louis-Philippe and the Orleans family the Bistrot Valois has quickly become a cantine for government workers at the nearby Palais Royal since its opening in late 2013.

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