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The Sultana of Scarves

I was introduced to Victoria Wolff by Maribeth Clemente, author of THE RICHES OF PARIS, at a book signing at Brentanos in Paris.Afterward several of us had dinner at the Marché de Place St.-Honoré. My clients, from Melbourne, Victoria-Texas, Seattle and San Francisco, former Hermés fanatics, have fallen in love with Victoria’s gorgeous creations.

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Lenny Borger-SubTitler Superior

If you are a fan of classic French Cinema then you’ve no doubt seen the name Lenny Borger credited as the subtitler on many new French films and the revivals of such films as LA GRANDE ILLUSION, RULES OF THE GAME, PEPE LE MOKO, QUAI DES ORFEVRES, RIFIFI and BREATHLESS.

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Dianne Anthoniessen

In patented Paris fashion or perhaps typical Terrance style I met  Chef Diane Anthonissen, par hasard at Le Nemrod.

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Diane Anthonissen

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Jon Rowley, Oyster Maven

You may not know it but your fingers have tastebuds. When you pick the oyster up it’s cold, it’s rough, there’s nothing else like it. Shortly after you pick it up you start to salivate because you anticipate the taste. And if it is very fresh and came for good waters there’s an aroma.

So now we’ve engaged two of our senses and haven’t even got to the eating of the oyster. The next step is to just tip it back and slurp the oyster and when the oyster enters the mouth it’s bit like French kissing a mermaid-very special.

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