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Betty Werther

I first met Betty Werther at a dinner party chez Naomi Barry, herself a legend at Gourmet magazine, in 2009. I am proud to call her a good friend.

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Dianne Anthoniessen

In patented Paris fashion or perhaps typical Terrance style I met  Chef Diane Anthonissen, par hasard at Le Nemrod.

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John Davis-American Soldier in France

John Davis was born and raised in Berkeley Ca and landed in Normandy after D-Day on July 28 1944. A twenty-four year old ordinance officer responsible for moving trucks and tanks across the channel he met the 15 –year old Jeannette in the village of Granville near Lisieux.

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Jon Rowley, Oyster Maven

You may not know it but your fingers have tastebuds. When you pick the oyster up it’s cold, it’s rough, there’s nothing else like it. Shortly after you pick it up you start to salivate because you anticipate the taste. And if it is very fresh and came for good waters there’s an aroma.

So now we’ve engaged two of our senses and haven’t even got to the eating of the oyster. The next step is to just tip it back and slurp the oyster and when the oyster enters the mouth it’s bit like French kissing a mermaid-very special.

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My Postman Always Rings Twice

France being France it is 9 months since I moved into my ground floor apartment in the 3rd arrondisement and my name still does not appear on the mailbox. Understand that the concierge will not tolerate posting your name on masking tape and placing it on the box, so just like a refugee in wartime or Warner. Bros CASABLANCA, I wait and wait…

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