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Raoul Wallenberg.  A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.  Born to an prominent Stockholm business family in 1912, he never quite made it in the Swedish business world and had several failed ventures on his resumé when he was dispatched to Budapest on a humanitarian mission in July 1944.

In Budapest, he found his vocation.  He was tireless in his efforts to save Hungarian Jews from the Nazi death camps, alternately defying the Nazis and negotiating with them.  In January 1945, as the Soviets surrounded Budapest, he crossed the lines and demanded to see General Malinovsky, in a last-ditch attempt to save the remaining Jews in the ghetto.  A few days later, the Soviets issued a warrant for his arrest, and he was transferred to Moscow.  The Swedish authorities believed that he was under Soviet “protection.”  It took weeks for them to conclude that he was missing.

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Story of a Secret State-Jan Karski

Jan Karski’s Story of a Secret State stands as one of the most poignant and inspiring memoirs of World War II and the Holocaust. With elements of a spy thriller, documenting his experiences in the Polish Underground, and as one of the first accounts of the systematic slaughter of the Jews by the German Nazis, this volume is a remarkable testimony of one man’s courage and a nation’s struggle for resistance against overwhelming oppression.

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 The injustices of 1940s Jim Crow America are brought to life in this extraordinary blend of military and social history—a story that pays tribute to the valor of an all-black battalion whose crucial contributions at D-Day have gone unrecognized to this day.
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Is Paris Burning?

“It’s August 25, 1944, and the shrill voice is Adolph Hitler’s….Is Paris Burning? He smashes his fist on the table…Jodl! he screams at his chief of staff, I demand to know! Yes or No? Is Paris Burning Now?” All the important buildings, services for gas, electric, water, telephone, telegraph, transportation, every bridge and even the Eiffel Tower had been wired with massive explosives in order to leave nothing but smoldering ruins to slow down the allies, who at that very moment were advancing into Paris, spearheaded by the French 2nd Armored Division and the American 4th….only by a quirk of fate is the switch not thrown in those last few minutes; Paris is saved for the ages, to be enjoyed in her beauty and carefree spirit for generations to come….until Friday the 13th, 2015.

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And The Show Went On

Alan Riding, a former European cultural correspondent for the New York Times, recounts Parisian life under the Nazi swastika and the forced compromises of French writers, artists, and performers under Hitler’s rule.

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When Books Went to War

When America entered World War II in 1941, we faced an enemy that had banned and burned over 100 million books and caused fearful citizens to hide or destroy many more. Outraged librarians launched a campaign to send free books to American troops...

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Vichy France: Old Guard and New order, 1940-1944

Any discussion of Vichy France must begin with Robert O. Paxton's trail-blazing account of the period that the French would like to forget.

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The Race to Paris

Drawing on the groundbreaking wartime adventures of Martha Gellhorn, Margaret Bourke-White, Lee Miller and others meg Clayton has fashioned a hard-boiled love story.

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