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Between Meals: An Appetite For Paris, A.J. Liebling

A man of Rabelaisian appetite, with the exquisite palate of the true gastronome, and the literary flair to match, A.J. Liebling  was a formidable eater...

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The Most Beautiful Walk in the World

Thrust into the unlikely role of professional “literary walking tour” guide by his pal Terrance Gelenter, an expat writer provides the most irresistibly witty and revealing tour of Paris in years.

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I'll Always Have Paris-Art Buchwald

Art Buchwald’s delightful romp through 1948 Paris is a witty tribute to the city he fell in love with.

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Flyover Lives -Diane Johnson

From the tri-cities of Moline, Rock Island & Davenport to the land of the tricolore, the author of LE DIVORCE, Diane Johnson, remembers her life in small town, Midwestern America in FLYOVER LIVES

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Travels in France with Terrance

I have been very fortunate to sample much of the varied richness of France outside of Paris–food, wine, culture and a wonderful group of new friends, colleagues and partners. From the green, rain-soaked pastures of Normandy providing cheese and butter for both eating and cooking; to the confit de canard and goose fat of the southwest and ending up in Provence where olive oil is king, it has been a challenge to keep the weight off and the smile from my face as I pinch myself to verify that this life is not a dream.

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French Toast-Harriet Welty Rochefort

During the 1970s, Rochefort moved from Shenandoah, Iowa, to Paris, where she met and married her husband, Philippe.

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