How to Make a French Family



I got sort of hooked on Samantha “Making a French Family. She and her Jean-Luc fell in love as students in Paris, then went their separate ways, each marrying, his having 2 children. Her getting divorced, his wife dying. After 20 years they get back together again- It’s a Book with a Bonus - in addition to the story, the book is full of some very elaborate but easy family and regional recipes. Then ups and downs the usual throes of adaptation.  She has 3 miscarriages so gives up on a kid of her own. So she  invents Stepmom Day. 


If you have any reason to head down around Toulouse where they live I bet she’d make a good interview. There are many hundreds of Americans with French husbands, always apparently the same dramas of adaptation. The AAWE has at least 300 members. In light of rampant feminism they changed the name from “American Wives of Europeans” to “American Women in Europe” - which makes it jut another women’s club. There is, as you know, “The American Women’s Club” quite elite since  Embassy people and other upPities, but they are here temporarily and usually eager to get back. The Samantha girls are here permanently. 


I knew a similar story but never written up far as I know. A lovely American woman. She was an art teacher at the American school where I “taught” for a grueling year like 1951-52 - just to stay in the old world. Harriet had met her man before the war and THEY were therefore separated for the duration, but got together again and made a great life. 


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