Murder by Arrondissement-Cara Black

Cara Black uses Aimée Leduc, the spike-haired, female,  tattooed version of Jules Maigret to solve murders arrondissement by arrondissement.

Look out for a character in Murder in Montmartre called the Mad Moroccan-he may resemble someone you know.

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Murder in the Marais

Aimée Leduc, a French-American  detective in Paris, has sworn that after her father, a police detective was killed in a terrorist blast,  that she would only stick to tech investigation- no more criminal.  Out of the shadows of the hall of her office,  she is approached, by an aged  rabbi,  to decipher a fifty year old encrypted photograph and deliver it to an elderly woman  who lives on rue des Rosiers, in the Marais, the old  historic Paris Jewish quarter. She wants to refuse, but is intrigued.    Annie Leduc delivers, only to find a corpse  on whose forehead a swastika has been cruelly carved. With the help of partner René, a geeky dwarf,  they set out to solve this horrendous crime and find themselves in the middle of a dangerous game of politics and old war crimes. History, racism,  romance and mystery will engage you in this gripping thriller as you discover the dark side of the Marais in  the City of Light.

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