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No one should have a bad meal in Paris! Whether a 3-star restaurant or a local bistro there should always be an excellent rapport qualité prix



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Naomi Barry

In Memoriam: Naomi Barry 1918-2013

Ma Nuit Chez Naomi excerpted from Paris par Hasard

S, the “London Art Dealer,” was in town and we met at Chez Francis on the Place d’Alma for a view of the illuminated Eiffel Tower and champagne. After catching up on our lives we strolled across the Pont d’Alma onto the Quai d’Orsay and headed for dinner chez Naomi Barry.

The long time Paris resident and doyenne of Gourmet correspondents was preparing dinner for a collection of what in the fifties would have been described as “great broads”–charming, sassy, intelligent women of un certain age. At the last minute S wrangled an invite for me. The apartment was filled with original and valuable art, first editions of great books in French and English and ephemera appropriate to one who had left Westchester County (NY) for a rich life Paris in the fifties. Red wine and amuse-gueules in the living room with a stunning view of theSeine and a brightly lit neon sign announcing “Bateaux Mouches” gave us a chance to get acquainted before sitting down to a meal from her cookbook, ADORABLE ZUCCHINI.

In the style of a Passover seder I was seated at the head of the table flanked by Naomi and Patricia Poullan, artist and

RADA trained actress who appeared in Olivier’s film of HAMLET. Next to Naomi were journalist extraordinaire Betty Werther, a Parisian since 1949 and still staying out late to party, and the “London Art Dealer,” a “great broad” in her own right but requiring more age to compete with these gals. And next to Patricia, the artist Andrea Tana, raised in Los Angeles by a show biz family and once married to restaurateur Dan Tana, whose restaurant has been a hangout for pasta-eating celebrities for forty years and most recently my son, the cinematographer, who has become a regular when in town.

As the designated male I opened and poured wine, reached into the oven for hot casseroles and provided a measure of testosterone to the proceedings.



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